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Uttama Villain Review & Rating

Movie            : Uttama Villain
Cast               : Kamal Hasan, Andriya, K.balachandar
Producer        : C. Kalyan
Director          : Ramesh Aravind

Uttama villain movie reaches theaters with a lot of expectations.Will this movie reach those or not we will see in this review.

Plot : Kamal hasan who is a super star and leading complicated life.He search always for his answers about his life.
                    On the process he want to act in a movie under the direction of his mentor K. Bala chandar.He writes a story inside a story (8th century) in parallel.Then what happened next answered in big screen.

On Screen Performances:

Kamal hasan is a gifted actor to industry.Who proves another time again.he runs this movie completely on his shoulders.Another actor Nasser who delivered his best in acting.

Legendery directors K.Balachander and Viswanadh gives their best as a performance again.On those female leads Urvasi and Paravathy delivered their best and Andrea done descent job.

Off-Screen Performances :
This movie story is very simple and predictable.Director Ramesh aravind done descent work for the script. The big minus in the movie is editing which failed to edit the movie.This movie length 2 hours and 51 minutes.Which test the audience patience in the
                       Cinematography is nice and some scenes in the movie pictured beautifully.Production values are nice.This movie music director Gibran performed his best and give nice B.G.M s.which apt for the film.

Plus Points:

         *  Lead Actors Performence

          * Cinematography

          * Gibran Music

Minus Points :


                  *Simple Story Line

Final Word :  Uttama Villain Only For Kamal 

Maa Raing  : 2.75/5