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Abbiato ammai review

Naga sourya starer Abbaito ammai movie finally released in theaters today.Director Ramesh varma put all his efforts on this movie.Is this succeeded or not will see in below review

Story : Abhi (Naga sourya) who is studying engineering and don’t know about true love.On that time he meet (Prardhana) and falls in love with her.During this period they maintain physical relationship.After that Prardhana got cheated by Abhi and her father also got angered on her.


                         On this process she interact with a secret friend in Fb named Pavan.She gradually attracted with his words and she again falls love with him.Who is Pavan and Is Abhi knows the value of true love or not you will see in big screen. 

Plus points :  

*Ilayaraja music

*Brahma kadali art work


Minus points 

*Routine story line



Verdict : Abbaito Ammai fails to give a treat for new year

Our rating : 1.75/5