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Tunga bhadra Review

Review :           Tunga Bhadra

Casting :         Adith,Dimpul,Satyaraj,Kotasrinivasarao,

Producer :     RajiniKorrapati

Banner  :        Varahi Chalana Chitra

Music    :         Hari Goura

Director :  Srinivas Krishna Gogoneni


Before this movie release all are expected that this movie filled with a different concept.This movie produced by Varahi chalana chitra got a good name and Producer Sai Korrapati have a good name on script judgement.So,we will see all these hopes are come true or not by this review


                   Srinu ( Adith) father lost his life while working under Ramaraju who is a politician in Tadikonda village.On That sympathy Srinu joins under Ramaraju. On the other hand Paidithally (Kota srinivasa rao) who is an opposite Politician to Ramaraju.Mean while In elections Paidithally lost against Ramaraju in Elections.

On the process Srinu falls love with Ramaraju daughter (Gowri)Dimple.Ramaraju also lost in next elections againist paidithally.Ramaraju comes to know
about her daughter love.And next what happens? Does srinu win his love or not ..

Character performance

This movie hero already entered in to Telugu with Kadha movie and he done a descent performance in this movie. Dimpul is set for this role.In this movie we
will talk about especially about Satyaraj Performance.His role is very convincing and give a fabulous  performance.Others are done their justice for their roles.
Technical Values

All are know about Producer Sai korrapati who is a tasty producer and this time he is not fulfilled with this movie.This movie first half was plotted slowly and the
chemistry between the characters will not opted. Director.Director have a good Story.But,he is not concentrate on screenplay.The cinematography done a key role and he shows the village beautifully.Music also good.But,at the time of B.G.M it can improve.
What’s Good

* Music
* Cinematography
*Production Values

What’s Bad

* Screen-play
* Climax
* Boring Comedy

Final Word : Routine Try… Not expect from Varahi

Rating : 2.50/5