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Rudramadevi Review

Banner : Guna Team works

Movie : Rudrama devi

Cast : Anushka,Rana, Allu arjun, Prakash raj

Producer : Ragini Guna

Director : Guna sekhar

After Bahubali hit there is a much buzz running on Guna shekhar’s Rudrama devi. After several postponements finally this movie hit screens today.How is this film? Is this reached audience expectations or not will see in below review.

Plot :Ganapathi deva who want to save his kingdom from enemies so he want to give born to a boy.But,expectedly he got a girl and he decided that girl will rule his kingdom as a boy named Rudra deva.On that process Rudra deva learned all skills to rule as a king.

          Twist in the tale people in the kingdom are knows the fact about Rudra deva and which causes get out from that kingdom.Is Rudrama devi get back to kingdom? Who she rule that kingdom will see in big screen   

On screen performances :

Anushka was played as Rudrama devi in the movie and done spellbound performance for the film.Rana(Veerabhadra) was already proved in these type of characters and he done justice for his role.Allu arjun (Gona Ganna reddy) which is a different role done by first time and he show his excellence to prove himself to give justification for Gona ganna reddy character.Nitya menon played a performance scoped character and she done her best. Ketharin only used by glamor doll and others are done their job for the film.


Plus Points :

 *Anushka and Bunny performance

* Story

  • Thota tharani art work

Minus Points :

    * Editing

    * Background score

    * Second half

Final Word :Rudram devi is watchable to know  all about Rudrama devi and for Gona ganna reddy’s performance

Our Rating : 3/5