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Jil Review


Movie : Jil
Banner : UV creations
Music : Ghibran
Editing : Kotagiri Venkateswararao
Director : Radha Krishna Kumar
Casting : Gopichand,Rasikhanna

Gopichand previous movie Lowkyam was a hit.All are expected this movie also will repeat that result.This movie will repeat that or not we will see in this review

Plot :Jil movie starts with the Introduction of Villain who is a mafia don in jail.On the other hand Jai(Gopi chand) who is a fire officer and saves people in Fire
accidents. On the process he falls love with (Savitri) Rasi khanna.
In one fire accident he saves Bramhaji and he gives a coat to jai. What is in that coat? Why villain attacks jai ? You will see in big screen.

On-Screen Performances :

                                   In action scenes Gopi as a well known actor he give his best.But,he tried love scenes in this movie gives a stylish performence. Rasi. As a noty girl she give her best to the screen with out any compromisations.Villain Role is appeared as Chotu bhai he is also appeared as Stylish don justify his
role .And others done well.

 Off-screen Performances :

                                         This movie comes from UV productions house they will not compromise for production values you can see on the screen.Director Radhakrishna is debut with this movie.But,deals the subject with some minor mistakes and gives a satisfaction work.Cinematographer Sakthi Saravanan Apt stylish locations and presented every single take is a stylish one.We can say Ghibran music is not awesome. but,it comes to screen these are awesome.His BGM was given a new birth to this movie.Editing done by Kotagiri Venkateswararao which is an experienced editor and show his excellence in movie editing for this movie.

Plus Points :
* Stylish Taking
* Ghibran Music
* Cinematography
* Production Values

Minus Points :
* Predictable Story
* Screen Play
* Lack of Entertainement

Final word : Summer Starts with an Stylish Entertainer
Maa Rating : 2.75/5