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Dochey Review

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Cast : Naga Chaitanya,Kriti Sanon,Rao Ramesh,Posani Krishna Murali
Music : Sunny L.R
Producer : B.Prasad
Director : Sudheer varma

After Swamirara Sudheer directed this film Dochey.So,the expectations of this movie goes higher.Does Sudheer reached or not we will see in this review

Plot : Chandu ( Naga Chaitanya) who cheats another person to earning money for his sister education.On this process one fine day he finds a bag with full of cash
which belongs to his enemy Manikyam (Posani)
Chandu spent that money for his personal causes.After Manikyam finds Chandu and kidnap his family and ask that money.Then what happend.Is chandu gives that
money to Manikyam or he escape him with out giving money you eill know on the screen.

Technical Aspects :
                     Director Sudheer takes this film to next level with his screen play with his talent.Music is given by sunny is not good but when it comes to BGM he gives better for
this movie.Cinematography is nice and picturised well on some scenes.The production values of this movie is good and you will seen these elements on the screen.

Plus Points :
* Sudheer varma’s Direction
* Cinematography
* Lead perfarmenses
* Screen-play
Minus Points
* Songs
* Missing Some Logics
* Predictable Story

Final Word : Sudheer breaked 2nd movie sentiment

Maa Rating : 3/5