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Descent Movie: Yevade Subramanyam Review


Nani waiting for success from his last hit movie Eega.His last movie Aaha kalyam is not reached to the audience.Nani expect this moviw will rcover from his
flops.We will discuss about this movie in our below review

Banner : Swapna cinema
Producer : Swapna dutt,Priyanakdutt
Director : Nag Aswin
Music : Radhaan
Casting : Nani,Malavika,Vijay

Movie Plot : Story starts with Subramanyam (Nani) who is a very intelectual guy who is a selfish and don’t think about others .Working in a company and
in samll period he got a chance to marry his M.D’s daughter and became M.D to his working company.

On the process he meets his Child hood friend Rishi(Vijay) with Anandi(Malavika).Rihsi convence his friend Subbu to go a tour of Dood kasi
along with Anandi.Subbu accept that request and goes with his friends.Does Subbu nature changed or not you will see on the big screen.

Character Analysis : Nani already done this type of this character in Pillajamindar movie and he performed well.New entries Vijay and Malavika are justify them
selves.They have a bright future in Tollywood.And others will done descent performences.

Technical Analyis Producers Swapna Dutt and Priyanka Dutt are not step back at any instant you will seen on that screen. Cinematography of this movie
performed key role and their work is simply awesome.It is not a small thing shooting at himalayas.But,they mange those things.Music was done by composer
Radhan give fresh music and also in B.G.M.Story and direction was handled by Nag aswin who write a nice script and handle it well.

What’s good
* Music
 *Production Values


* Predictable story

Final word :Good movie..In recent times

Maa cinema Rating : 3.25/5