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Bahubali The Beginning Review…

          Banner :ARKA Media Works
          Movie :    Bahubali
          Cast:       Prabhas,Anushka,Rana,Tamana,Ramya krishna
          Music    :MM.Kiravani
          Producer :Sobhu Yarla Gadda
          Director   :Rajamouli SS
 India’s biggest motion picture Much awaited movie “Bahubali The Begining” grandly releasing in theaters today.So, lets see the below review weather this movie reached those expectations or not.
Plot :
                         Tamannah (Avanthika)  who is a member in a team which  againist to the Bhallal dev and want to  save Deva sena (Anushka).In this process Sivudu (Prabhas) got mask of Tamannah and love her.Twist in the tale Tammanah turns to save Deva sena.
Sivudu completes that task and he knows that she is his original mother.After that he knows about Mahishmati and the story of his father Amarendra Bahubali .After what hapopend and Sivudu got his love successed?What is the ending of the first part you will know in Big screen.
On screen performences:Biggest esset of this movie are Prabhas and Rana .Generally prabhas look like darling and handsome in his general movies, but this movie he
worked out more than 2 years very hardly especially about his body and war sens .He apperad in this movie as amarendra bahuballi and sivudu both two roles are
very well managed  by prabhas. he is just simply awesome and done justice about his charcter.Most powerful actor in this movie  Rana.Who is done a negative
character and much powerful when compared to Prabhas.  Ramya krishna ,Najar, Satyaraj, Tamana ,Anushka they played key role and simply justify their charcters with their spell bound performenses.
Technical asserts:
                      Rajamouli has taken  same team for this project as he earlier  said  these technicians  are  one of the best in the world,as they prove their working skills in this movie or not
                       M.M .Keeravani  he is one of the seniermost technician in tollywood industry,he alredy proves himself in his  many movies.In this movie no one can do better than him in this type of projects, He bowled spinning  melody  magical tunes in this movie.When it comes to Back ground no one can touch his range  particularly war scens  he is mind blowing.
Cionematography : This movie Cinematography done by K.K. Senthil kumar.We are already knows about him with Eega.Now,he increase his stamina with Bahubali
Producers :
                         This movie budget tells us how these producers are spent money for this great project.They are not compramaised at all in spent money for this movie at any cause.
Director :
                           We don’t have no words to say about Rajamouli’s direction.He had always work for perfection and no matter in time.He also choose his team with out changing any time.

Plus Points :
* Cinematoraphy
* Visual effects
* Lead Performences

Minus Points :
* Editing
* Entertainment


Final Word : A Proud full Movie from Rajamouli 

Maa Rating :3.75/5