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Avunu 2 Review


Casting : Harsha vardhan,Poorna
Music : Shekhar Chandra
Producers : Suresh Babu,Ravi Babu
Direction : Ravi babu


From the makers point of view Avunu 2 is not a sequel of this earlier movie Avunu. That movie got decent collections at that time.Does this sequel also got that ?or it increase that? we will see in below review..

Plot :

                Movie starts with its earlier movie ending scene. After return from hospital Poorna and Harsha decided to live in a new house.But,the spirit of Captain Raju will
follow them and start teasing.
The pair going to Kasi and one Aghora solves their problem temporarily giving a thread to Poorna. After what happen next ? Will Captain Raju come again ? you will see
in big screen.

On-screen Performances :

                          We will start with this analysis with lead actor Poorna who gives a standard performance and gives a new birth to Avunu2. Harsha is done a nice character performed well.Captain Raju Ravibabu is not appeared in this movie. But,as a spirit he done again.

Off-screen performances :

                                  Cinematography will play a brilliant role and showcase this film nicely.The production values of this movie is nice and the house is selected nicely by Ravibabu. Ravibabu direction is awesome and he know what he need from his team.

Plus Points :
* Poorna performance
* Cinematography
*Production values

Minus Points :
* B.G.M
* Climax
*Predictable Story

Final word : Avunu 2 is not a Horror.But,a Thriller

Maa Cinema Rating : 2.75/5