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Tiger Review

Tiger movie leaded with Snadeep kishan and Rahul ravindran.This movie arrived in theaters Today.Does this movie reached casting expectation or not ? we will see in
below review

Movie Story : Tiger movie story mainly revolves around Vishnu (Rahul) and Tiger ( Sandeep).These both are childhood friends and Tiger can do anything for his
friend. In the process Vishnu falls love with (Ganga).

But,Ganga parents not accept their love and decide to kill both Ganga and Vishnu.Tiger work is to save both people life.Does he do his job? or not you will see in big

Plus Points :
*Lead performances                                                                *Direction
*Thaman Music
* Movie Legnth

Minus Points
* Routine Story Line
* Lack Of Entertainment

Maa Rating : 2.75/5