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Only For Youth : Kumari 21F Review

Movie    : Kumari 21F

Cast      : Raj tarun,Heeba patel,others
Music    : Devi Sri prasad
Producer : Sukumar
Director   : Surya pratap          
After two back to back hits young hero Raj tarun join his hands with Sukumar for Kumari 21F. There are several technicians helped for movie to raise the expectations.Is this movie reached or not will see in below review
Plot : Siddu (Raj tarun) who leads an happy life in doing some small robberies. On the other hand Kumari (Heeba patel) working as a model in Mumbai and shifted to Hyderabad in Transfer.After that Siddu meets Kumari accidentally and made friendship with her.
    On this process they both are fallen in love and after that Siddu got some doubts on Kumari character and behavior which makes a gap between them.After what happened.Is Siddu understand Kumari or Kumari changed her lifestyle for Siddu thee are answered in big screen.
Analysis :
                 This movie certified by “A” which makes several discussions.discussions. Sukumar also said this movie a watchable with family.But when it comes to screen movie completely targeted to youth audience and romantic scenes in the movie not watchable with family.
            generally, these type of movies are regularly showcased at Bollywood. But,Sukumar creates his impact on taking a new zoner in Tollywood.
Raj tarun and Heeba patel done their roles as they can.These type of character done by Raj tarun aggressively and performed well to give his best and Heeba done justice for a Debut movie
Plus Points : 
          * Lead’s chemistry
          * Devi music
          * Cinematography
 Minus points :
             * Only targeted for certain audience
             * lagging in scenes
Final word : Kumari is too hot