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No kick..Only Comfort : Kick-2 Review

Movie name : Kick-2

Banner           : Nandamuri Taraka rama rao arts

Cast                 : Ravi teja,Rakul,Brhmanandam,Posani

Music             : Thaman S.S

Producer       : Nandamuri Kalyan ram

Director         : Surender Reddy

After six years director Surender reddy team up with Ravi teja for their hit movie sequel Kick.Is this movie also gives double kick to them or not will see in below review

Plot :Robin hood (Ravi teja) is a doctor lives in America.he want to build a hospital at there.For,that purpose he want to sell his properties in India.When he comes to India unexpectedly  he got accident.So,he don’t have any choice and lives in India for some days.

    On that process he lives in Pandit Ravi teja (Bramhanandam) house and falls love with Rakul who stays with him in the same house.Twist in the tale Rakul plays a kidnap drama to save her village from the hands of Takur.She requested Ravi teja to save their village.Will he do this for her or not will see in big screen.


Artist performances : Ravi teja always steal the show with his high level energy.In this movie also he gives his best. Rakul preet singh also done her role as her limits .Brahmanandam is comes back with Pandit Raviteja which have an hilarious fun in a full length character.Other actors done their justice for their roles.


Technical assets :This movie tunes are also given by Thaman and movie songs are good when watching and in Back ground he given his best.Movie cinematography is so nice and locations are captured beautifully.This movie producer Kalyan ram not compromised at all on production values and his dedication is awesome you will  going to know after watched the movie.Director Surender reddy direction is good.

Plus Points :                                                                        

                     *   Ravi Teja’s perfarmence

                      * Entertainment                                                                                      * Thaman background score

Minus Points :

                            * Editing could have been better

                               * Movie length

                            *   Songs  placement

Final word : Enjoyable movie and Don’t compare with Kick.         

Maa Rating : 2.75/5