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NBK Lion Review:

Movie : NBK Lion

Cast :Balakrishna,Trisha,Radhika,Prakashraj,Chalapathi Rao
Banner : SLV Media
Editing :Gowthamraju
Producer :Rudrapati Ramanarao
Director : Satyadeva

After winning as an M.L.A Balayya acted in the movie.This movie released in today.Who it will going to be does it reach the audience expectations or not we will see in below review
Movie Plot: Boss(Balakrishna) who is sin sear and powerful CBI officer.He have a lovable family and also a fiancee(Trisha).On the other hand Prakash raj who is a cunning in nature and became CM in a bad gateway.
Twist in the tale Boss knows all about the death mistery of ex-cm and now he face the problems with
the Present CM Prakashraj. How balayya overcome the problems and who he close the file.You know the answers in the big screen.
On The screen Performances:As usually Nandamuri Balakrishna gives a spellbound performance and said dialogues in his way.Trisha and Radhika apte also performed well.In this movie the main key role played by Prakashraj. He gives his best for the
movie. Chalaptirao,Chandramohan and others also did well
Off the screen performances :In off screen we mainly discuss in few things.Music director Manisharma Songs O.K. But when
comes to BGM he donned it again.Editing work is done by Gowthamraju and could have been trimmed in sceens. Producers are not compromised on Production values.You will see in the screen.Debut director Satyadeva Script is O.K.But,he fails to manage the
movie on the whole.

Plus Points :
* B.G.M
*Production Values

Minus Points : * Editing
* Songs
*Screen play

Final word : Lion comes with a Good Story.But,confusion screenplay and flat narration will test the audience patience.

Maa Rating : 2.75/5