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Movie Review : Naalo Okkadu


Movie : Naalo Okkadu
Cast : Siddharth,Deepa
Music : Santosh Narayan
Producer : Prakruthi
Director : Prasad Ramar

Since from lot of time siddarth struggle to make his mark in telugu.Now ,he comeback with his Tamil remake Ennakul
Oruvan.Will this movie give break to him.

Plot : In every man life have a desire to acheive their dream.This movie runs with the same point.In this movie Vikki
aliasVignesh(Siddarth) leads a routine life and working in a theater as a Torch light boy.he always feel about his beauty
ness and money.

Twist in the tale he found a medicine which will helps to enetring into his dream world.Then next what happend
you will see in big screen.

Plus Points :
* Story
* Editing
Minus Points :
* Confusion screen play
* Songs

Maa Raing : 2.5/5
Final Word : Siddu Struggle finished.Now,comes with a bang.