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Mosagallaku Mosagadu Review : Not For Thrillers

Movie : Mosagallaku Mosagadu
Cast :Sudheer babu,Nandini,Jayapraksh reddy
Cinematography : Sai Prakash
Producer : Chakri Chigurupati
Direction : Boss Nelluri

After Swamirara this movie makers are promote this movie is sequel for it.Does this movie reach those expectations or not we
will see in below review.

Plot : Krish who is a Cheater and cheats everyone for money.After seeing the beautiful Nandini falls love with her on the first meet.But,she rejects his love and advices him to change his life style.

After that he interacts with a deal which is a valuble idle for a Don(Jaya prakash).He finds that idle and give to him.But,he
comes to know truth about that idles.How he manage the another idle? Does Nandini accept him you will watch it on the screen.
On-screen Performances :
As an actor Sudheer try to prove himself from his debut movie.But,he doesn’t meet the requirements from the
movie lovers.In this movie also he manage his dances and other things.But,in some aspects he improve himself. Nandini have no scope to perform.But,she manage her role.

Jaya Prakash reddy done this role in his earlier movies.In this movie also he done a descent character and make
smiles from the audience.Other characters also performed decently.

Off-Screen Performances :
This movie Story cum Dialogues Cum Direction done by debut director Boss.He narrates story well.But,it is only for Some dialogues and some scenes.Music is done by Manikanth who is given a decent BGM and also songs.Cinematography is not up to the mark.Production values also under the same category of Cinematography. One aspect we will clear that this is not a sequel of
Swamirara except one thing about an Idle.

Plus Points :
* Comedy
* Screen play
* Music

Minus Points :
* Routine Story line
* Missing Logic’s
* Narration

Maa Word : Mosgallaku Mosagadu comes with Comedy not with Thrill

Maa rating : 2.75/5